On the behalf of the Finnish head and neck surgeons collegium it is our great pleasure to invite you to join the first and maybe the last international meeting under umbrella of FNAHNMFSBRSICRQS* on March 20 – 22, 2024 at Pyhä, Lapland.


Epic Lapland Advanced Head and Neck Surgery and Reconstruction Symposium

The epic Lapland meeting is focused only for advanced head and neck surgeons who still have passion for surgery as well as ambition and humility to learn from their own and colleagues’ mistakes and success. The meeting will not be multidisciplinary, not educational, not official, not elegant and it is not going to be located in glamorous venue. No posters are accepted. No classic gala dinners will be arranged, so suits and evening dresses must be left home to wait for other congresses. Dress code throughout the meeting is casual; except during some occasions, where dress code is warm. The Lapland atmosphere and nature will be experienced subjectively.
The very top-level international faculty will present their recent and personal experience, good and bad, about the pending clinical issues. The meeting venue allows us to take only 70 participants so we expect lot of discussion as a “round table” style throughout the symposium including informal gatherings during each evening.
The preliminary program is enclosed. We apologize already some possible forthcoming changes to this program.


The Best complication in the world - competition

Traditionally we have had the best complication in Finland - competition, but in Lapland, there will be The Best complication in the world -competition
We strongly recommend that you go back to your patient files and each Center (or surgeon) will bring their worst and humiliating complications.
The best complication will be awarded.  


Petri Koivunen          Heikki Irjala          Leif Bäck  


*Finnish National Annual Head and Neck, MaxilloFacial, Skull Base, Reconstructive Surgery Innovations, Complications, Registry and Quality Symposium


Epic Lapland Head & Neck surgery - March 20 - 22 2024, Pyhä, Finland


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Epic Lapland Head & Neck surgery 2024 - March 20th - 22th 2024, Pyhä, Finland